Practice Areas

COMAD specializes in three practice areas (C3), with its professional derivations to satisfy our clients´ needs. These are described as follows:

Public Procurement.- COMAD has a significant international experience in advising domestic and foreign companies for public procurement procedures, national and international, for goods, services, technology of information, works and services related to the works. Our services include an overall assessment of the bidding procedures or invitation to at least three people and direct awards; services QA (Quality Assurance) of complex proposals to be submitted; disagreements and legal proceedings.

Procurement with federal and local authorities.- COMAD has an extraordinary experience in legal advice during the performance of administrative contracts, in federal and local levels, and even in international level. Our services range from general advice of contractual interpretation, to defense and filing of claims; conciliation, insurance and bond claims; extrajudicial and judicial disputes, penalty proceedings and audits.

Judicial and Administrative Litigation.- COMAD provides its service of judicial and administrative litigation in issues arising from public procurement and governmental contracts that requires it.

Construction Law (Contractual).- COMAD is one of the few firms in Mexico specialized in this field, and it has an important history. Our services support domestic and foreign companies in projects for public and private construction in areas such as: risk analysis of contracts and public calls, and tender documentation; negotiations of construction contracts or support in public procurement procedures that may take place in case of construction contracts or public infrastructure; claims and defenses within the project; analysis of legal strategies; claims against sureties and insurance companies; preventive and defensive support during the project, and in general all the advice required by a construction or infrastructure company to defend its interests.

Construction Law (Litigation and Means of Dispute Resolutions).- COMAD has significant experience in all kinds of means of dispute resolution  arising from public and private construction contracts and infrastructure including, among others: direct negotiations, conciliation and mediation; Dispute Boards; Administrative Litigation; Judicial Litigation and Arbitration.

Corporate Integrity and Anti-Corruption.- COMAD provides advisory services and training on corporate integrity and Anticorruption to domestic and foreign companies, particularly companies involved in public procurement, construction and infrastructure projects, as well as oil and gas. Our experience includes the development of codes of conduct; specialized and tailored training by sector; audits and investigations support under national and foreign laws, with the support of authorized experts in those jurisdictions (mainly the United States of America).

Specialized Courses and training.- Since the 80s, COMAD has prepared and taught multiple courses, workshops and specialized training related to Public procurement (Buying of Goods, Leasing and Rendering of Services of Public Sector Law; Public Works and Related Services Law; Public and Private Partnerships Law), construction (construction contract claims, dispute resolution); Compliance and Anti-Corruption (Mexican and foreign laws and how to face them). COMAD is certified as external trainer by the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, and therefore, these courses are used by the Human Resources departments as a mandatory training for the company.